A Balinese rice farmer haunted by the spirit world (35 min)

The film follows an older Balinese man, Nyoman Kereta, as he struggles with the intrusion of spirits into his consciousness. Kereta says he has been living in two worlds, the world of his family and community and the world of the spirits, for the past 40 years. His experiences skirt the borders of cultural and spiritual norms, simultaneously manifesting and exceeding Balinese beliefs about the supernatural world and the possibilities for human interaction with it.

Kereta’s reported experiences seem credible or explicable to some, bizarre and extraordinary to others, enigmatic or doubtful to his wife, and the sign of major mental illness to his psychiatrist. The film documents his painful history of trauma, loss and poisoning, and draws on his other family member’s interpretations of how to understand his struggles and distress. Central questions of how to interpret his experiences, and what role a schizophrenia diagnosis entails are explored.

There are people who are sick and, until they die, nobody cares for the. They just disappear.
— Nyoman Kereta

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Robert Lemelson
Robert Lemelson & Alessandra Pasquino
Wing Ko
Pietro Scalia
Wing Ko
Malcolm Cross
Richard Henderson



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