An Indonesian perspective on madness in a globalizing world (22 min)

The film focuses on Bambang Rudjito, a university-educated Indonesian man in his late thirties diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. It explores the “globalized” features of Bambang’s illness and recovery narrative — western psychiatric diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, work opportunities in a rapidly changing urban environment, participation in an interfaith religious community, and his family’s understanding and acceptance of what Bambang describes as a “mental disability.”

But it also considers aspects of Bambang’s more complex, historically and politically shaded narrative, giving language and a deeper substance to his illness experience. Memory of My Face illustrates how the residues of colonialism and the pervasive influence of globalization affect the subjective experience of mental illness.

According to the doctor, I suffered from schizo...not ‘phrenia’ but ‘affective.’ Just change the ‘a’ to an ‘e’ and it becomes ‘effective,’ right?
— Bambang Rudjito

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Assistant Camera
Consulting Editor

Music Composer

Robert Lemelson
Robert Lemelson
Alessandra Pasquino
Dag Yngvesson
Wing Ko
Pietro Scalia
Sandra Angeline
Chisako Yokoyama
Malcolm Cross



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